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Bulk Wholesale Livestock Panels Farm

Bulk Wholesale  Livestock Panels  are made from high quality galvanized tubing and are perfect for your everyday needs. 

Ideal for pastures and entries, these corral fence panels would also be ideal for livestock containment. 

Wholesales Galvanized Livestock Cattle panels.jpg


1.Easy fast to handle (set up, remove and put down), very flexible.

2. Locking system makes the gate very stable quality steel and fully welding makes the gate panel more stronger, heavy duty and anti-broken. high zinc or pvc coated make the fence durable.

3. Environment protecting: connection with fittings and joining pins.

4. Livestock protection: no sharp edge, very smooth welding spot finished.

5. Cost-effective: give your farm yard years of service and minimal maintenance at a low initial cost.

Welded wire mesh farm gate

Frame:33.4*2mm ,32mm*2.0mm round tube

Bracing tube:30*2mm,25mm*2.0mmround tube




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