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Home Garden Black Wrought Iron Fencing

We always use the best-known world famous powder--Akzo Nobel.  After powder spraying,the fence will be very smooth ,bright ,have great corrosion resistance, outdoor use year can reach 15 - 20 years. 

Professional drawings design

Usually some customers need us to help them to design drawings. Our team are glad to help our customers to work out problems. And we have ourself drawing design team.

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2-Rail cheap wrought iron fence / metal fence / steel fence

used in Schools,Office Buildings, Government Buildings ,Commercial Perimeters, Sports Facilities,Industrial Properties,Recreation Facilities, Residential Complexes ,Utilities Infrastructure

1.Fence is using permanent coating method,no rust,no flake off,no color fading,bright lastly and stable in color.

2.No welding assembly design makes installation more simple and quick.

3.Four layer anti corrosive treatment and more than twenty years service life fundamentally saves the cost.

4.Environment protection solves the problem of common products have pollution to buildings.

5.Rigid and flexible factors of raw material make the products have excellent anti-impact performance.

our company as a  Wrought Iron Fencing Factory in China ,provide Home Garden Black Wrought Iron Fencing ,if you need that pls contact us.