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Portable Welded Metal Livestock Panels

Portable Cattle Panels are the easiest way to set up a livestock yard.

Extra panels are also available should you wish to increase the diameter. 

Connection pins are supplied.

Wholesale bulk livestock cattle panels .jpg


Low carbon steel pipes

Surface treatment:

Pre hot dipped galvanized

Powder coating


Height:1.6m high, 1.8m high, etc

Length: 2.07m wide,2.09m wide and 2.1m wide, etc

Horizontal rails:

three types( round, square, oval)

1)Round pipe: 32mmO.D,42mmO.D and 48mmO.D

2)Square tubes: 40x40mmRHS, 50x50mmRHS

3)Oval rails: 30x60mm, 40x80mm


1.8m high with 6 bars/rails or 1.6m high with 5 bars/rails


All panels come complete with steel caps, lugs, feet and 2 pins

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