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cheap livestock cattle panels china

livestock cattle panels both on grassland construction, can also be used for grasslands and implements the fixed-point grazing, columns herding. At the same time the farm gates can also be applied to agriculture and animal husbandry profession of establishing family set up border farms, farmland bar, nursery forest, afforestation, the barricading of tourist area and hunting area, construction site isolation maintenance.

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 Our livestock cattle panels have the following advantages:

1.Surface treatment:Hot dipped/Electro galvanized,Electrostatic spraying

2.Material:three types:round pipe,square pipe oval pipe

3.Advantage:good oxidation resistance,strong,durable and flexible construction


1)galvanizing before welding or made of galvanized steel tube and then welded   

2)welding before galvanizing (only feasible for guardrail with relatively small size)

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