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Livestock Panels

Livestock Panel include Corral Sheep/goat Fencing Panels. Our Livestock Panels, made of high quality galvanized square, round and oval pipe is ideal for protecting Cattle. It has 3-7 rails to support the fence and each rails has different spacing to prevent horse hooves and feet from catching in the fence. It can be used at ranch, farm in shape of round pen and fence box based on the horses' height and number. Our fence panel is produced under professional cut short machine, welded team and packing technology. It is widely used in New Zealand, Australia, America, Western countries and so on.

Panel type A: round pipe:


Panel type B: oval pipe


Panel type C: square pipe


Drawing example:



1. Portable: simple and fast to install make the panel quite flexible.

2. Strong:

High quality steel pipe and 360 degree fully welded make the fence very strong.

High zinc or PVC coated makes the fence durable.

Chain lock can make the fence panel together stable.

Highly stand the crash of horse.

3. Protection:

Connected with welded bracket lugs and join pins. No need to dig holes and lay foundations, protect the grassland.

No sharp spearhead, smoothly welded. Different spacing of each horizontal rail avoids the horse fence head and feet damaged.

4. Anti-rust: hot galvanized pipe makes the fence difficult to rust and the vertical rails are welded with metal cap to prevent rust inside.

5. Maintenance: our hot dipped galvanized horse fence panel can apply for 10-15 years. During the application, if the fence panel paint is removed carelessly you can recover it simply and quickly. Besides the fence panel is not easy to be damaged by horse. The fence panel should keep away the chemistry and alkaline materials and the acid rain.

Image details:



Pins and lugs are packed in plastic bags then packed in carton boxes.


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